How To Choose A Pair Of Suitable Sunglasses?

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In this hot summer, a pair of sunglasses that suits you can instantly change one's gas field and double your own strength. The most common one is that many stars like to wear sunglasses. They wear them so beautifully. It's not entirely because of their own foundation, but they know how to choose the sunglasses that suit them.

Sunglasses have become one of the must-have items for people in the summer. It not only protects the eyes from the glare, but also adds fashion elements to the wearer's overall shape. Today, the glasses network Xiaobian will tell you how to choose a pair of suitable sunglasses?

First choose according to the purpose

If you are driving or traveling, fishing, this kind of light is more complicated to wear. Then choose polarized sunglasses. The lenses of these sunglasses are special, not only can block harmful light in the air, but also block the glare reflected by the smooth surface due to the reflection or reflection of the water surface.

However, when choosing polarized sunglasses, it is preferred to choose the three colors of brown, gray, and green, because the distortion of the three colors is relatively low.

Then choose according to the face type

We all know that people's faces are roughly divided into round faces, long faces, square faces and other common types, but there are many types of frames, what kind of frames are suitable for themselves?

Remember one principle, that is, the “complementary principle”. For example, a round face is suitable for glasses with a slightly thicker frame, a colder lens color, and a darker color, and has a visual effect of “tightening” the face. Exquisite yellow, red lenses or slim, soft-framed sunglasses will make your face look bigger. The long face type is suitable for the choice of flat round or curved mirrors, slightly thicker temples to reduce the slenderness of the long face; the slender face is generally more skinny, and the choice of feminine pink or wine red lenses can increase the face. Brightness; square face is suitable for sunglasses with narrow width and rounded corners of the frame. Frames that are too large and too square will only make the face look more square. The color of the lens is better with a stable brown color; the inverted triangle is suitable for the thicker frame, color Glasses that are deeper and have a slightly wider lateral width adjust the ratio of the top and bottom, giving a visually sensation.

Second, according to the material selection

The frame material is generally divided into plastic and metal. The most common type of plastic is the plate and TR90. The plate is made of cotton and wood. The quality of the plate depends on its color and cotton content. TR90 has high elastic memory and excellent toughness. The lens materials commonly used in lens materials are glass and resin. Glass lenses have been eliminated due to their fragility and heavy weight. Compared with glass, resin lenses have the following advantages: they are not easily broken, light in weight, and have high light transmittance. The indicators for high-quality lenses are shockproof, scratch-resistant, high-tech coloring technology, light, UV-resistant, and have a clear and eye-catching appearance.

Finally, according to the brand selection

Brands have always played a decisive role. This is because of the roots of human nature. People are more willing to choose a brand with higher visibility when facing the same type of items. Don't be tempted to spend money and spend money.

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