How Do Women In The Workplace Deal With Visual Fatigue?

There are data showing that the symptoms of visual fatigue are quite prevalent among women, and women with this condition are far more likely than men. People will have nervousness, anxiety and other emotions, but because women are more prone to this emotion, women's pressure on the workplace is not so perfect, it is easy to be violent, which is the biggest reason why visual fatigue finds them. In normal life, you can divert some emotions, and a lot of physical exercise, such as yoga and walking, are good choices.


For many women in the workplace, we should also stop some improper methods of counseling. For those bad habits such as smoking and drinking, it also causes harm to our eyes. We must have good living habits. In daily life, we must ensure that we have enough vegetables.


Women in the workplace can start to protect their vision from three aspects:


1. Reasonably adjust the distance between the display and the eyes, pay attention to eye hygiene.


2. Appropriate screen brightness. In general, we use computers to lower the brightness of the display, which is less likely to hurt the eyes.


3. Do not stare at the display for a long time, we can look out the window in about 30 minutes to ease visual fatigue.


Putting a cup of hot water next to the computer desk and increasing the number of blinks can alleviate the symptoms of visual fatigue. In the work, you can also take a cup of chrysanthemum tea to the symptoms of eye fatigue, and long-term because of the role of restoring vision.

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