Eye Protector: Anti-blue Light Glasses

Anti-blue light glasses

The best computer glasses not only correct your vision from a single screen, but also have anti-blue glass from bad blue light that can damage your retina to protect your eyes.

There are several ways to filter blue light on a laptop, TV or computer. There are even some applications that can modify the color temperature of the screen. However, the science behind these applications is not certain, so the safest way to protect your eyes is to use a pair of PC-protected glasses with a blue filter.

Blue light filter glasses are glasses or sunglasses that absorb a lot of blue light. This is achieved by a combination of lens material and a special coating applied to the lens. Most lenses also reflect a portion of the blue light away from the eye.

Not all Blu-rays are destructive – some of which are necessary for proper vision. By absorbing the right amount of harmful light, Blu-ray filters are useful for your eyes in many situations - at work, when you are reading on a tablet or phone, as well as on bright, sunny days.

Normal glasses and readers usually do not block blue light. Whenever you buy a pair of glasses, you can choose to add Blu-ray filter to the spectacle lens as an extra feature. Or, even if you don't need a prescription, you can get PC protection glasses with blue and anti-reflective coatings.

In addition to applying lenses to regular glasses, you can also choose to wear sunglasses with colored lenses to block some blue light. This is not the most effective solution, however, it can sometimes be used as a temporary fix.

The yellow and amber lenses are the only two colors that help filter the blue of the visible spectrum. However, whether you use these tones in front of your laptop or on the street, the color tones of the lens will distort all other colors.

Colored computer glasses with yellow lenses are also commonly sold as video game glasses because they improve eye comfort by increasing contrast and reducing some tired blue light.

If you are a night owl or a computer addicted person, you may already know that the screen can really hurt your eyes. Every minute spent in front of a screen without computer eye strain protection will affect your eye health for a long time.

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