Don't Think That Sunglasses Can Really Replace Cycling Glasses

Cycling glasses are different from ordinary sunglasses, so don't use sunglasses when riding. Cycling glasses have a more windproof effect than sunglasses. Don't underestimate this function, it can greatly reduce your chance of conjunctivitis. Therefore, in general, riding glasses, when the speed of riding is too fast, the eyes do not feel the wind blowing uncomfortable. There are also glasses that do not use glass for lens material. It should greatly enhance your chance of injury when you crash, and use resin to protect your glasses from scratches.


Many riders are willing to spend a lot of money on high-end bicycles or top helmets, but many people overlook the riding sunglasses is also an essential accessory for the sport. Most cycling veterans will tell you that cycling glasses are definitely worth investing, whether they are amateurs or professionals. When you ride through the world's most spectacular scenery at 150km, one of the things you don't want to do most is to miss these sights (or worse, because the glare bike loses control...).

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