Contact Lenses Really Break In The Eyes?

Wear contact lenses in dry eyes you must drain the lubricant; contact lenses are dry and is same as the crisp plastic, very weak and fragile.

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The reason why contact lens broken


How to avoid contact lenses broke in your eyes? The so-called knowing ourselves and knowing each other is not awkward. First of all, you have to know the possible reasons for the "broken" contact lenses:


1. Wearing a high water content (>50%), the lens is thin and soft. The price of good use is that the lens is easy to chapped and dry, and the eyes are quicker to dry when worn, and therefore easier to "crush".


2, when wearing glasses, not careful enough, choose damaged lenses or scorpions, nails break the lens during the process of wearing, this invisibility and integrity is destroyed, it is easier to crack when the gap is dry.


3. There is also a situation where the glasses are more than the available period. You can still use them for 3 weeks, and the seasons are used for 4 months. Not only are the residual bacteria more susceptible to infection but the lenses are dry.


The solution is divided into four points.


1. Choose a suitable contact lens with water content and oxygen permeability. Specifically, go to a regular hospital or optician center for testing, or use your doctor to do more homework, such as half a month to throw a general brand of silicone hydrogel contact lenses. The focus is on buying a suitable, big brand that is trustworthy.


2. Check before wearing glasses. Use the correct method when wearing glasses. If you have damage, throw it no matter how expensive. When you wear it, be careful. Pay attention to the correct technique and don't pull it.


3. Do not wear more than 8 hours on a daily basis, and so on. Half a month toss and a monthly toss are changed a few days in advance, half a year ahead of the year, and one year ahead of the year.


4. A good bottle of contact lens lubricant is also very important. It not only improves the experience of lower water content lenses, but also effectively relieves foreign body sensation and dry eyes, helping to avoid many unpleasant events. The same time to wear the mirror, the lens of the dripping water is taken off for a while or soft, and it will be dried for a while.



What if it is really broken in the eyes?


When you are away from the hospital or the hospital is not open, use the magic weapon mentioned above - contact lens lubricant to flush your eyes and see if you can wash it off. Do not smash your eyes to prevent the eyes from causing inflammation.


If there’s a hospital or clinic nearby, you must find a professional person to help you.

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