Can Sunglasses Frames Be Equipped With Myopic Glasses Lens?

Nowadays, glasses are no longer used to correct vision. Many people use glasses as a daily life ornament to decorate their faces, showing a very avant-garde attitude towards life. Sunglasses of various shapes and strange design concepts continue to promote the development of the trend.


As a fashionista with myopia and want to catch up with the trend, it is also a bit of a hassle. The frame of the sunglasses is relatively large, the design does not consider the actual parameters of some glasses, just based on the stylish and beautiful ideas. For example, the width and length of the frame of the eyeglass frame, the width of the bridge of the nose, and the curvature of the frame as a whole are all parameters that must be considered for the optical frame.


For myopia, it is also necessary to select the frame according to the actual myopia degree on the prescription. Why can not choose sunglasses to do the framework, there are following aspects to explain:


1. High myopia people can not choose no frame, large frame (similar to the frame of sunglasses). Because the degree of myopia is high, the lens is too thick (the myopic lens is thin in the middle and thick at the edges). The frame is large and the edges are thicker. One is to affect the appearance, the other is the heavy weight, long time wearing the compression nose bridge, the comfort is very poor.


2. The large frame of the sunglasses will shift the optical center of the lens, which will cause a large deviation from the distance between the eye and the eye, which will result in unclear vision and dizziness.


3. The overall frame of sunglasses also has too much curvature, will change the actual luminosity of the lens, easily cause visual fatigue, deepen the degree of myopia. In particular, myopic patients with smaller interpupillary distances are less likely to choose sunglasses frames for optical frames.


In general, sunglasses frame can also be equipped with eyeglasses lenses, provided that the sunglasses lens are flat light(clear lens), no degree, no optical center of the lens, so that can be customized. If you want to correct your vision, you should consider the diopter, astigmatism axis, pupil distance, frame style (half-frame, full frame, no frame) and other factors, and then consider the beautiful and stylish frame suit for your face.

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