Why does the lens turn yellow?

Myopia people often encounter such a problem: after wearing the glasses for a while, the lens turns yellow? What happened? In addition, can the glasses be used?

sunglasses lens 

There are two reasons for the yellowing of the lenses we wear; one is because the wearing time is too long, and the other is that the oil on the wearer's face is relatively strong (such as oily skin), which penetrates into the lens, which leads to the lens yellow. This yellowing situation cannot be changed no matter what brand or type of lens you use. And the longer the lens is worn, the easier it becomes yellow.


What should we do with the lens yellowing?


1. Change lens


The most straightforward method is of course to change lenses. The longer the lens is worn, the higher the rate of deterioration (the lens will also deteriorate). After the lens is degraded, its optical properties will be weakened, and even serious vision loss will result. So, if the lens is yellow, just change the lens. The lenses that are in service for a long time are also retired. Lenses also have a longevity, and they will change when they are out of service. Generally used for more than one year to a year and a half, the lens needs to be changed, especially for lenses worn by minors. If the lens is worn for a long time, scratches and other wear will occur. Wearing a scratched lens will affect the vision, so it is best to replace the lens in time.


2. Cleaning agent (do away with yellow)


If you don't want to change lenses, try using a lens cleaner to "yellow" the lens. The optical properties of the lens are tested by laser to see if the lens's optical properties are affected by the yellowing of the lens. If yes, change the lens; if the impact is small, clean the lens. However, if the lens is damaged, it is best to change the lens. Continued use of the damaged spectacle lens is not good for the eyes.

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