What issues should be paid attention to when choosing children's sunglasses?

In fact, there are certain skills in the purchase and wearing of children's sunglasses. When used properly, it will protect eye health. So, what issues should you pay attention to when choosing children's sunglasses?


1. Children's sunglasses lenses must be able to effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation, so choose a product with 100% UV protection on the label.


2. Children's sunglasses should pay attention to the choice of color. Generally, dark gray is preferred because they cause small color distortion and good color, but try to avoid yellow or red lenses.


3. Children's sunglasses better choose resin, PC and other damage-resistant materials, because many naughty children are easy to fall or collide, if the child's sunglasses lens is fragile, it is easy to make the child injured.


4. You must choose a regular way and a regular brand to buy children's sunglasses, because many inferior sunglasses are easy to cause damage to your child's eye health.


5. Children should not wear sunglasses for too long. In strong sunlight or special needs, it is acceptable to wear them for a short time.

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