Should I wear glasses or not when I take photos?

glasses for photography

For glasses wearers, beautiful photos or successful snapshots are no longer a problem. Each photographer will naturally take a detailed view through the viewfinder when taking a picture for better results. But for glasses wearers, this is not possible. However, even if you are wearing glasses and paying attention to a few things, it is still no problem to take beautiful photos.


Some people like to take pictures of artistic scenes, while others prefer to take portraits of people. Photography is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. As a person wearing glasses, I often have to make such a difficult choice: Should I wear glasses or not when I take photos? This is not a problem for people who take photos with a smartphone or a simple digital camera. Just look at the display and press the shutter button. When using a modern digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera, you can take photos with or without glasses.


Better quality glass lenses and premium coatings

If you often take glasses on your nose for taking pictures, keep in mind that the lens surface will be damaged when your glasses touch the viewfinder. Depending on the specific lens material, it is possible that your lens will be scratched after a certain period of time, especially for resin lenses that are not adequately protected. Many camera manufacturers offer exceptionally soft rubber eyewear. As a wearer of glasses, you should pay special attention to this. Although current resin lenses are much more durable than they were a few years ago, lenses can still be damaged. If you take pictures while wearing glasses, you should wear a pair of more durable glass lenses, or to wear a high-quality hard coating for your glasses.

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