Polarized lenses - better vision

Polarized lenses are mainly for skiers and water sports enthusiasts. However, polarized lenses are also well suited for almost all people wearing sunglasses. These special lenses prevent the reflection of light and the specular reflections, for example, when sunlight strikes a wet surface, water surface or metal surface. Therefore, they protect the wearer's eyes from fatigue, because (after wearing a polarizing lens) the eyes do not need to adapt to frequently changing lighting conditions. People wear these lenses and tend to be more relaxed and to feel better.


How does the principle of polarization work?

First, natural light is depolarized light that vibrates in all directions. However, when light illuminates a smooth surface, that is, when sunlight illuminates a wet road, the light is partially reflected by the water surface and diverge in one aspect. In other words, it is polarized. Because of the polarized light - those who wear the polarizer does not touch it, this reflection creates an uncomfortable glare. When the polarizer is placed in the horizontal direction, the reflected light in the vertical direction is not allowed to pass through. As a result, the dangerously reflected light that is often emitted by water and wet streets is almost completely eliminated. Polarized lenses also offer an added advantage: UV protection. Polarizers give you more protection. In addition, they always provide some important visuals and offer an added advantage: greatly improved contrast vision and more brilliant colors.

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