How to choose the eyeglass frame that suits your face?

Square face

People with facial remedies have wider cheeks and shorter faces, which look strong. To soften the lines of the face, use a slightly curved frame to make the face look softer and to ease the wide cheeks.

Suitable models Suitable style: round, oval frame. Like this round glasses

Applicable features: the frame height is small and the position of the temple is high.

Oval glasses square face.jpg


Round face

The face of the round face is short. Therefore, it is best to match the slender frame with a slightly curved curve to reconcile the overall feeling. The horned and square frames help to refine the lines of the face and highlight the vertical lines.

Suitable models Suitable style: thick frame, square frame. Like this square sunglasses

Applicable features: the frame height is high and the position of the temple is high.

thick square frame sunglasses.jpg


Long face

Due to the long face of the rectangular face, the frame should cover the face as much as possible, and select the frame of the thick frame to reduce the impression of the long face.

Suitable models Suitable style: Frames with an angular shape. Like this fashion vintage sunglasses

Applicable features: the frame height is large and the temple position is moderate.

sunglasses made in china.jpg


But I should say

1. Do not go to search and do not believe in the graphic tutorial with face glasses.

2. Call a friend of normal taste, go to the store to try.

3. The final selection of 3-4 pairs of repeated discretion, the duration is not less than 10 minutes. 

4. Take a full-length mirror or at least a half-length mirror when trying on.

5. If you are myopia, please remember to wear a contact lens and try on it (the mirror in the sputum will be beautified by the brain about 40%).

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