How to choose clip on sunglasses?

First, whether the clip on sunglasses has a polarizing effect.


The effect of polarized light can help us to distinguish between reflected light and objects under strong light, whether it is for fishing, skiing or driving. Under normal circumstances, clip on sunglasses will have this function, but the regular brand will have a polarized test card, and the fish and water surface pattern is presented to the consumer, so you can try the clip on sunglasses if you can see the fish, it shows that its polarizing effect is good.

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Second, is there a UV function?

When consumers buy clip on sunglasses, they must confirm whether the product has anti-UV function; if there is only filtering function and does not have anti-UV function, it can't block ultraviolet radiation, and the damage to the eyes cannot be avoided.


Third, check the construction of the clip on sunglasses.

If it is not a regular brand, it will generally use a ferrous device, which will make the lens easy to scratch and even cause eye damage. On the contrary, if we choose a big brand, its quality will be guaranteed, when the lens is in contact with it, it will avoid the phenomenon of silica gel separation.

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