How to choose a pair of good diamond cutting glasses?

Glasses frame


First of all, we must consider the material of the frame. At present, the frame of diamond-cut glasses can be described as various, with pure titanium and gold, which abounds. The material of the frame directly determines the physical properties and price of the frame. Secondly, the plating of the frame, such as plating materials, plating methods, etc., directly affects the service life of the frame and the impact on the skin. We recommend that you best listen to the advice of a professional optician based on your temperament style and choose the framework that suits you.


Lens shape


In the selection of the shape of the lens, it should be matched according to the shape of the wearer. Round faces require glasses with sharper edges. Such as olive-shaped, rectangular shape has the best modification effect on the round line, which can make the round face look slender; the long face is high forehead, the jaw is relatively solid, the chin is long, and the appropriate one is worn. Glasses can make the face look wider and shorter. Therefore, it is recommended that long-faced people can wear round and square shapes; for melon seeds, it is best to choose an elliptical shape with a sharper line; the square-shaped shape of the face is round or elliptical. The outline of the part is softer.


Trimming process


The trimming process must be versatile and the requirements for the production of diamond trimming glasses are very demanding. The most important thing about trimming is to reflect the details, the perfect imperfection of detail processing, the key to the success or failure of trimming products, and the value of the products.


All in all, diamond-cut glasses suit for you are the best for you. To be suitable for yourself, you need to wear your own glasses according to your own wishes. Being your own designer is a manifestation of customization.

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