How to buy sunglasses

Different groups of people, according to different preferences and different uses to choose sunglasses, but the most fundamental thing is to be able to protect the wearer's safety and vision without damage to the basic principles. The basic function of the sunglasses is to reduce the intensity of light stimulation, the apparent deformation of the sight, the Anti-ultraviolet rays, the true recognition of the color, and the accurate identification of traffic signals. If the above function is defective, light can not play the role of sunglasses, heavy will produce dizziness, eyes, such as acid swelling consciously do not adapt to the symptoms, and sometimes will produce unresponsive, color illusion and walk as the symptoms of inequality and cause traffic accidents. Therefore, the choice of sunglasses can not only focus on the style and ignore its intrinsic quality.

High-quality Polaroid to TAC polarizing lenses, polarized lenses can protect people's eyes from the reflection of light damage, can enhance the visual contrast outside, especially when driving, polarized lenses can weaken the glare of strong light, miscellaneous light. Summer is the world of sunglasses, fashion, beauty, radiation, these features make people more like to wear sunglasses, but experts pointed out that the choice of sunglasses should be more careful, not only focus on the design, but ignore the quality of the sunglasses itself.

Please do not wear the following four kinds of unqualified sunglasses: 

1, Anti-ultraviolet function of the sun mirror. Good sunglasses polarized lenses, can block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays. Wear UV-resistant sunglasses, the eyes as if in a darkroom, at this time the pupil will become larger, the residual ultraviolet rays will be injected into the eye, so that the eyes are injured. 

2, the perspective rate of the unqualified sunglasses. After wearing, will generate traffic signal identification barriers, very easy to cause traffic accidents. 

3. Sunglasses with no category mark. Sunglasses are generally divided into 3 categories, which are used for shading sunglasses, light mirrors for decoration and special glasses for snow blindness or waterproof plane radiation. 4, to combat the performance of the requirements of the sun-glasses. The lenses are easily broken when subjected to external shocks, which can cause fatal damage to the human eye.

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