How should I maintain a resin coated lens?

After the resin lens is coated on the surface, the sharpness and the function of blocking harmful ultraviolet rays, which are important for protecting the eyes, are greatly improved. Especially for the far-sighted glasses, since it is often worn and often active outdoors, the benefit of the coated lens on the eyes is that ordinary lenses cannot be phased. However, if care is not taken care of, the film on the surface of the lens is corroded and scratched. As the degree is deepened, various functions and sharpness are gradually reduced, which will affect the wearing effect. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of resin-coated lenses.


1. In addition to avoiding high temperature, coated resin lenses should also avoid acid fumes and other erosions. For example, it is best not to wear mirrors in daily life, especially when the ventilation is not good, and can not be worn at the same time. Mirror into (near) hot water shower environment, usually placed temporarily when the lens is facing upwards, when carrying it, put the glasses into the box, do not just put them in your pocket or bag, which will easily scratch the film.


2. The coated film is more likely to be dirty, and it is not easy to wipe clean. For example, it is often wiped with ordinary cloth. Because the fiber is coarse and hard, it may cause mesh damage on the surface of the lens.


The easiest and most appropriate method is cold water washing: after washing the glasses with tap water, hold the edge of the frame or pinch the beam with one hand, and use a clean thumb and index finger on the other hand to apply medium-alkaline soap or detergent. Gently wash the sides of the lens, then rinse with water, then use a cotton towel or paper cap to absorb the water. (The intensity of the washing should be gentle and moderate, because some people have thick skin or hands and mirrors. The coarser dust particles are not washed out, too much force will also scratch the lens. This way the lens can be easily washed very clean and safe. Usually, when it is inconvenient to wash or the lens is not dirty, it should be wiped only with a special lens cloth or lens paper.

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