Fashionable color lens

Glasses, which are part of the personal image, have penetrated into the field of fashion life. The colored lenses show us their new and charming charms in individual colors, which are sought after by everyone. The colorful lenses with rich colors are made of resin, and their colors can be roughly divided into two categories:

  1. light gray, brown, etc., these colors have little effect on the color of the scene after wearing, can see the natural vision of the scene, especially suitable for the driver to wear;

  2. purple, green, yellow, light pink, etc., these colors will make the wearer's eyes shine, especially suitable for young people who pursue individuality.


Color lenses should be beautiful and complement each other according to the shape of the face, skin color and frame color. If deep myopia, better not choose colorful lens. Because the degree is deep, the thickness of the lens will be deeper, the colors of lens will be darker, which will have a certain impact on vision. At the same time, if the colorful lens sunglasses is worn indoors, it will easily cause color distortion due to the change of indoor light. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare two pairs of glasses indoors and outdoors to ensure good visual effects anytime and anywhere.


In this way, according to different needs to make different choices, you have a pair of fine glasses that suits you, and the pleasing wearing experience is a good appreciation for the glasses.

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