Anti-fog lens is necessary in winter

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Why does the lens fog up?

In colder environments, the air is significantly drier. When the lens comes in contact with hot air, there is more moisture in the hot air. When it comes into contact with cold lenses, a condensation effect will occur, forming fine crystals on the lens surface, which will cause the lens to fog.

This phenomenon is generally not dangerous, but be careful when driving the door. Because the air conditioner is usually turned on in the summer, fogging easily occurs. In winter, the windows are tightly closed, and the temperature is also different from the outdoor temperature. When opening the door, pay attention to safety.

What to do if the lens is fogged?

Anti-fogging of the lens is the first time to teach you a few good ways to prevent lens fog.

Lens anti-fogging agent: lens cleaning feeling, spray the lens-specific anti-fogging agent on the lens surface evenly after wiping, generally can maintain 1-2 days

Anti-fog mirror cloth: It is a specially treated mirror cloth. The lens surface is repeatedly wiped with the anti-fog mirror cloth. After use, the mirror cloth needs to be sealed and stored to avoid evaporation of the anti-fog function.

Soap or dishwashing liquid: Dip soap or dishwashing liquid on the lens cloth, and then wipe the lens surface with the lens cloth, which is also anti-fog.

Anti-fog lenses: Spectacle lenses also have special anti-fog lenses. You can directly choose special anti-fog lenses when pairing glasses, which is convenient and permanent.

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